Welcome to Nina's Words!

Greetings, fair internet traveller! Welcome to my website! Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Nina and this website is a place to hold and share my writing with the world. An online legacy, of sorts. I started reading on my own when I was very young, usually at night, with morbidly inadequate lighting and for long hours. By the time I was six years old, I was writing my own stories and to nobody's surprise, I haven't stopped since. Today, I write everything from short stories, poetry, and musings, to journalling, songs, and of course, fanfiction. I promise it's not the cringey kind though! If you don't believe me, see for yourself!

I hope to expand this website to include recipes and book lists, but for now, just my original writings. You can find me on a number of social media platforms under the name AzuleOpal, if you wish.

This website is under construction, so please be patient! I'm learning as I go! In the meantime, check out my amazing friend's website, which inspired this one: Lapin's Librarium.

Thank you neocities for being awesome and having a really cute layout

Website birthday: September 21, 2020