Word Lounge

Grab a drink of Purple Prose Juice and settle as you roam the nooks and crannies of my idle mind. Admire the word doodles and paintings of musings along the walls.

Persephone's Elixir
Raspberry pomegranate tea is the hydrating pink elixir which feeds the soul and prepares it for the coming of Spring as Persephone wakes from Her slumber. Her gentle, fragrant breath gives the tea its gentle floral hue, bright and fresh as the jewel-red seeds the God of the Underworld feeds her with cold, dead, loving fingers. The Gothic Queen of Spring's crown of flowers can be tasted in the fresh berries, warmed by the sun. She brings the world to life with the warmth of the changing seasons, where love and growth return to the land and the teas. Where Hades' teas are chilled peppermint and hot cinnamon, Perspehone calms her husband's extremes with juicy, sunkissed berries. When She makes Herself at home in your cup, you know sumer is near. You can pick your own berries in baskets you've weaved while She slept, dreaming of renewal. She kisses your smiling face and ruffles your hair with a gentle breeze. It smells of the tea you drank when the sun was gaining strength, young and new. Feel Her love warm your throat, your chest, your belly.

Tulsi tea
Tulsi tea is the healing leaves of Holy Basil and other godly plants, which pull the illness from the body and flushes it out overnight. It is a day in the forest, earthy and soft, with a sharpness under mossy logs. The sun dapples through bitter leaves and onto the rich soil of the earth, painting the moss with light and shadow, warm and cool. Fronds of fern brush the throat with patterned, textured leaves and the smell of wet earth.